Comparing Seolhyun’s Ad Revenue with that of Hyeri


seolhyunSeolhyun is shining through in the entertainment industry as a rising star. And her ad revenue has recently been a hot topic of conversation.

According to FNC Entertainment, Seolhyun is currently promoting or has completed the contract for a total of 12 ads, including the one for SK Telecom. Seolhyun is also part of AOA, who is now or will soon be starring in a total of 10 ads. Thus, she will be the face and the brand model for a total of 22 ads.

Seolhyun’s value as a model is approximately 500 million won (equivalent to around US$420,000) per year, which is equivalent to that of Hyeri. Therefore, it is estimated that Seolhyun’s sales have increased by at least 60 million years.

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Translated by Hajin Lily Yi

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