Comedian Jung Hyung-don takes a break for anxiety


Comedian and popular TV host Jung Hyung-don has put his career on hold due to his worsened anxiety disorder.

FNC Entertainment, the 37-year-old entertainer’s agency, said on Thursday, “Jung will stop appearing in all the TV shows he has been doing. His anxiety disorder has worsened recently. We will fully support him until he recovers from the anxiety disorder.”

Jung’s current projects are “Infinite Challenge,” “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” “Weekly Idol” and “The Capable Ones.”

The agency told Yonhap News, “Because of the anxiety disorder, Jung thought he couldn’t film any of the shows while forcing a smile. We don’t know how long he will take off.”

This is not the first time Jung has taken a break due to health issues. He was hospitalized for pneumonia for nine days in September.

Jung told multiple TV shows that he is suffering from anxiety disorder and sometimes feels suffocated when he sees people around him.

Meanwhile, the TV shows are reportedly looking for celebrities who can fill in for Jung.



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