CNBLUE’s Kang Min-hyuk and Jung Hye-sung Denied the Rumor About Dating



kang min-hyuk
Kang Min-hyuk and Jung Hye-sung

On July 11, Kang Min-hyuk of K-pop group CNBLUE and Korean actress, Jung Hye-sung were allegedly announced to be dating.

Soon after the announcement, however, FNC Entertainment denied the rumor and clarified that Kang Min-hyuk and Jung Hye-sung are just close friends.

The original report stated the “evidence” that Kang Min-hyuk and Jung Hye-sung share common interests of flower and cat. The reporter claimed that their common interests led them to get closer to each other.

Regardless of the excitement for the first FNC Entertainment couple, however, rumors got shut down quickly as FNC denied it immediately.

Kang Min-hyuk recently appeared in Entertainer, a K-Drama starring Ji Sung and Hyeri. Meanwhile, Jung Hye-sung made an appearance in Remember: War of the Sun.

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Translated by Daeun Jeong