Big Bang Listed on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List as First Korean




Group Big Bang has been named on ‘Forbes Celebrity 100 List’ as the first Korean celebrity named in its history.

On 6th, Forbes announced the information through an online article titled as “Bigbang Theory”. Every year, Forbes has been selecting 100 worldwide celebrities that earned the most amount of money in that year.

According to the article, Big Bang earned $44 million last year. Forbes also mentioned that Maroon 5 earned $33.5 million last year, which is lower than what Big earned. Forbes added that the money that Big Bang earned is almost equivalent to Justin Bieber’s income. Through the article, Forbes explained the reasons of K-pop’s success and the global business strategies of YG Entertainment, which is Big Bang’s management company.

The Celebrity 100 List, which has been created based upon celebrities’ incomes from June, 2015 to June, 2016 will be officially announced on the 12th.


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Translated by Audrey Joung