Asia is in Love with Jun JI-Hyun, Song Hye-Kyo, and YoonA

Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-gyo, and YoonA

Jun Ji-Hyun’, ‘Song Hye-Kyo’ and ‘YoonA’ are proving their international popularity, gathering zillions of fans in Asia.

#Jun Ji-Hyun had gained popularity in Chinese-speaking countries, thanks to K-Dramas

My Sassy Girl (2001) raised Jun Ji-Hyun as a star in China. Its massive popularity led her to be starred in the Chinese film, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011), along with a famous Chinese actress, Li BingBing.

Popularity of Jun Ji-Hyun has increased even more after the drama My Love from the Star was televised in China. Popularity of this K-Drama was so phenomenal that it made Chi-Mc, which is eating of fried chicken with beer, a widespread trend in China. Her tremendous popularity across Asian countries led hallyu boom, helped her to be appointed as a Tourism Ambassador of South Korea.

#Song Hye-kyo has been leading hallyu fore more than a decade

If you’re a newbie to K-Drama, You may think that Descendants of the Sun provoked Song Hye-Kyo’s popularity. However, it’s the other way around. She has been well-known for being charming, beautiful, and cute, as well as for her professional acting skill.

Autumn in My Heart is the K-Drama that first made Song Hey-kyo popular in China. After that, she had been shooting many Chinese films, such as The Grandmaster directed by Wong Kar Wai and The Crossing directed by John Woo. She also successfully acted in Chinese in the romantic comedy film, I’m a Queen

# YoonA, a Rising Star in Asia

YoonA was acknowledged as a star in China while she was working as a member of Girl’s Generation. She recently appeared in the Chinese TV drama God of War Zhao Yun, which had the highest viewer ratings among competing dramas. YoonA and actor Song Joong Ki recently competed for the highest popularity rank among Chinese dramas. Her drama was placed at the top of the ratings and its online views surpassed $6 billion.

She has received a lot of offers from Chinese drama and film producers. Unlike other Korean actresses, her appearance on Chinese TV drama and variety shows helped her to build up a good reputation among Chinese audiences.

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