AKMU Analyzes the Dance Moves of YG, SM, and JYP

In courtesy of MBC
In courtesy of MBC

This weekend on My Little Television, AKMU is unveiling their analysis of the differences among YG, SM, and JYP’s dance styles.

In the first half of their online broadcast, which aired last Saturday, AKMU spoils their new album, which ends up unintentionally playing more than planned. Lee Soo-hyun also unveiled her beauty hacks, comically “drawing” on Lee Soo-hyuk’s face.

In the later half, AKMU is presenting everything they can. As soon as the second half begins, the two sing songs recommended by real-time audiences, turning their living room into a concert hall.

Chan-hyuk and Soo-hyun continue their broadcasting by analyzing the dance styles of three biggest Korean entertainment agencies. Chan-hyuk exaggeratedly demonstrates the highlighted choreographic moves.

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In cortesy of MBC and Honey Cam

Chan-hyuk’s choreographic talent shines the most when he demonstrates YG’s moves. He was not hesitant to imitate the famous dance moves of Yang Hyun-seok – his boss, the CEO of YG – while surprising everyone by dancing perfectly to Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby.”

AKMU’s analysis of the big 3’s choreography is available on January 14 episode of My Little Television.


Original article by Yoo Ji-hye
Translated by Heewon Kim

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