‘Age Of Youth’ Season 2 Confirmed, Original Cast Negotiating on their Return



The cast of ‘Age of Youth’ are deciding whether to return for the second season.

While JTBC is planning to produce a second season of the famous “Age of Youth” that aired last year, the original cast Ye-Ri Han, Hwa-Young Ryu, Seung-Youn Han, Eun-Bin Park, and Hye-Su Park discussed their plans of returning.

Officials of Ye-Ri Han’s agency stated, “We are still considering the offer to return to season 2.” Seung-Youn Han and Hye-Su Park mentioned they were also still considering, and Eun-Bin Park said “it’s thrilling that season 2 is being produced. Returning for the next season is still in discussion though.” Hwa-Young Ryu also stated that “further confirmation is needed.”

“Age of Youth” caught people’s attentions by portraying the life of ‘youth’ in an honest and daring manner, and now it is planning to return to the audiences with another story.

JTBC’s Chief Producer Young-Hoon Ham stated “We are asking the actors to return. There isn’t a synopsis at the moment. Screenwriter Yeon-Sun Park is currently mapping out the story, so there may be a change within the cast.”

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Translated by Ellen Kim

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