Actress Kim Min-hee and Director Hong Sang-soo Reportedly Having an Affair




Actress Kim Min-hee (34) and director Hong Sang-soo (56) are reportedly having an affair.

It is reported that Kim and Hong developed their relationship from September of last year when Hong was filming his film Right Now, Wrong Then (2015), which Kim played in as the female lead.

There have been rumors about them since the beginning of the year, and a News medium exclusively covered about the two on the 21st in Korea time.

Director Hong has been married since 1985 and he currently has a college-age daughter.

Their relationship has been kept as a secret by some in the film industry.

Hong and his wife are currently separated, since Hong moved out of their house in September last year. It is reported that Hong already informed his wife and daughter about his affair with Kim.

Last month, Kim went to France for Cannes Film Festival for her new movie The Handmaiden (2016). At the same time, director Hong also went to Cannes and filmed a new move with Kim. As this fact became known to the public, the rumors about them even swirled around on mobile messengers.

In February this year, Hong filmed another movie with Kim in Gangneung, a city in Gangwon-do.

Kim Min-hee’s parents reportedly know about their daughter’s relationship with Hong. Hong’s wife and Kim had a quarrel as Hong’s wife visited Kim’s house, and Kim’s parents tried to stop them from arguing.

Since October last year, Kim has been working without a management company.

Her previous management company avoided any mentions by saying, “we don’t know about her personal life. It’s nothing relative to us”.

Hong’s wife reportedly said, “I am never going to divorce with him. I’ll wait until the day I die”.

Currently, Hong and Kim are staying in the United States.


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Translated by Audrey Joung