Actor Kim Sung-min In Coma after Suicide Attempt



Actor Kim Sung-min is currently in a coma after attempting to commit suicide in his bathroom yesterday.

According to the Seocho Police Station, at 1:15AM on the 24th, Kim’s son (18) reported to the police that his father is physically assaulting his mother.

When the police arrived at Kim’s house in Seocho-dong, Kim’s wife (47) requested them to go back saying that it was just a “petty quarrel” and she does not want to process it as a criminal case. Kim’s wife then took his son and left the house, telling the police that she will stay at a nearby relative’s house.

After 10 minutes, she called the police again and requested to enter the house to check on her husband saying, “My husband often mentioned about committing suicide when he is drunk. I am worried because I told him that I want to divorce when we had a quarrel a moment ago.”

At 1:55AM, when police entered Kim’s house, they found him in the bathroom, hung himself with a tie. Kim was transported to the nearest hospital right away, but it is reported that he is still in a coma only with his pulse beating.

Back in 2010, Kim Sung-min had been sentenced 4 years of probation for meth injection suspicion. During the probation period, he injected meth again and was sentenced 10 months in prison. Kim was released from prison in January this year.


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Translated by Audrey Joung