30th Golden Disk Awards Relocates from China to Korea


Golden_Disk_AwardsThe hosting location of the 30th annual Golden Disk Awards has abruptly changed last minute from Shenzhen, China to Seoul, Korea.

On January 11th, the executives of the Golden Disk Awards announced the finalized decision that the 30th Golden Disk Awards, which was set to take place on January 20th and 21st in Shenzhen, China will now take place in Korea on the same dates.

They made this decision because of the safety issues involved with a large-scale landslide that took place in Shenzhen. This landslide caused 77 missing and 58 deaths. Thus, the Chinese public officials declared it to be a state of national emergency and advised the cancellation of large-scale events taking place near this area.

Representatives from the Golden Disk Awards explained that they wanted to prioritize and ensure the safety of 26 artists and thousands of fans traveling to Shenzhen, China. They also considered the smooth execution of the 30th anniversary of the Golden Disk Awards as an important factor in their decision. Furthermore, they decided that relocating from Shenzhen to Seoul would also be optimal for the citizens of Shenzhen who have recently experienced a heart breaking tragedy.

Meanwhile, the 30th Golden Disk Awards will be hosted by Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Jong Gook, Leetuk, Seohyun, and Victoria with appearances from top K-pop artists including Big Bang, SHINee, BEAST, f(x), BTS, Apink, VIXX, and Hyukoh.

Original article from http://news.joins.com/article/19392346

Translated by Hajin Lily Yi

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