2016 Chuseok Special TV Shows to Be Thankful of


Chuseok is a major harvest festival in Korea celebrated on August 15th of the lunar calendar. This year, Chuseok is celebrated on September 15th, while three days including the days before and after are designated as national holiday. While families are rejoicing the holiday, major TV stations are keeping it busy as well to offer something special to watch while families are gathered. Below are some of the most anticipated shows for this year’s Chuseok.

1. Idol Chef King

EXO Baek-hyun (PHOTO by imbc)
(PHOTO by imbc)

Many of the K-pop fans have been waiting for this show. While Mukbang (“eating” show) and Cook-bang (cooking show) are sweeping recent Korean video contents including those on TV and online, ‘Idol Chef King’ decided to add another element to derive the maximized synergistic effect – K-pop stars. 200 K-pop stars comprised of girl group or boy group members, gather to compete to be the “Idol Chef King.”


2. Idol Star Athletics Championships

(PHOTO by imbc)
(PHOTO by imbc)

‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ is back. This year, the show is made even more special, thanks to the addition of rhythm gymnastics to the usual track, archery, and futsal competitions. 6 female idol group members – Lovelyz Yein, AOA Chanmi, KARA Heo Young-ji, WJSN Cheng Xiao, FIESTAR Cao Lu, and TWICE Mina – trained for the past five weeks for the special competition.


3. Stars Who Sing


‘Stars Who Sing’ introduces itself as a “hybrid music variety show.” Through special vocal lessons instructed by Kim Gun-mo, Yoon Jong-shin, and Kang Seung-yoon, the show narrates the stories of the hottest celebrities, including K-wave star Lee Young-ae.


4. Flower Boy Bromance


Popular V app series, ‘Flower Boy Bromance’ is specially broadcasted through MBC this Chuseok. The show, which is famous for revealing the hidden chemistry between two male stars, stars GOT7 Jackson and actor Ahn Hyo-seop, along with Tak Jae-hoon, Lee Jae-hoon, Noh Joo-hyun, and Lee Young-ha.


5. We Got Married


‘We Got Married’ is not a new show, but there is something new and special in the Chuseok special episode of it. In addition to the usual Jo Se-ho and Cao Lu, Eric Nam and Solar, and Jota and Kim Jin-kyung couples, comedians Yang Se-chan and Park Na-rae join for the special episode. If you want to witness the comic twist of this lovey dovey show, definitely watch it!


By Heewon Kim